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Written By: Nic Mitchell

HERE at De la Cour Communications we support European universities internationalising their higher education portfolios and collaborative research activities through tailored public relations and communications support.

Led by higher education commentator Nic Mitchell,  we specialise in encouraging greater global staff and student mobility and cross-border understanding and co-operation.

Nic won the Outstanding Higher Education Journalism Award 2015 from the UK Chartered Institute of Public Relations in 2015 for his investigation into the East to West European brain drain of young talent from Lithuania for BBC news online.

Recently, three of his articles were selected for a new book Understanding Higher Education Internationalization – insights from key global publications (Sense Publishers 2017)edited by Philip G. Altbach, Georgiana Mihut and Hans de Wit from the Center of International Higher Education at Boston College, USA, See here.

De la Cour Communications provides high quality ‘native’ English-language corporate communications and has helped to raise the profile of:


Charles University Prague, Czech Republic – English-language copy / editing for public relations and marketing.



EUPRIO, the European universities’ public relations and communication association – online news, blogs and social media support. 

Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences (HiOA), Norway, now Oslo Met. – research profiles & online news in English



Norwegian School of Economics (NHH), Bergen – Master’s programmes information in English.   


Nic also writes about trends in European higher education and research for key media, including:

Nic’s writing style has been described as ‘reliable, accurate, independent and insightful’ by University World News co-founding editor Karen MacGregor.

BBC online education news editor Sean Coughlan said it was ‘the kind of specialist journalism, with a thoughtful analysis, that people really want’.

His recent blogs and reports include a call on universities to avoid misleading marketing claims  and a look at whether offering shorter periods abroad could encourage more UK students to study abroad

This website also hosts the ‘Cancer-talk’ blog in which Nic recounts his personal fight-back against bowel cancer.

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