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Written By: Nic Mitchell

De la Cour Communications is led by Nic Mitchell, winner of  the CIPR’s 2015 Outstanding Higher Education Journalism Award for his in-depth look at the impact of the brain drain on East European nations, like Lithuania, for BBC news online.

Providing journalistic, public relations and communication support to private and public clients including University World News, BBC and the European universities’ PR network, EUPRIO, we also blog here about trends in international higher education and research.

Nic Mitchell with the 2015 CIPR Award. Picture by Emily Hughes.

Nic Mitchell with the 2015 CIPR Award. Picture by Emily Hughes.

For a taste of what we write about, see The year transnational education came of age  and our reaction to the Brexit referendum.

Nic’s writing style has been described as ‘reliable, accurate, independent and insightful’ by University World News co-founding editor Karen MacGregor, while BBC online education editor Sean Coughlan said it was ‘the kind of specialist journalism, with a thoughtful analysis, that people really want’.

As well as blogs and news reports on international higher education, we offer tailored market intelligence and communication support to universities and other institutions to encourage internationalisation in higher education and research.

This website also hosts the ‘Cancer-talk’ blog in which Nic recounts his fight-back against bowl cancer.

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